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Pay As Your Grow Pricing!

And a Starter Plan that is FREE right now 

Get Started with Zero Risk!

Simple performance based pricing guarantees success and only paying for results!



Employee Rewards/ Free Membership Plan
  • Custom reward program for team members
  • Benefit tracking and automation
  • Free- Yep, first mover advantage! This module with Rethink 2.0 will be included for all practices that enroll prior to deadline with lifetime use

  • Plan includes offering of 1 Free Membership.  You can use this to replace your senior discount plans or military plans and offer the same percentage in rewards instead. Feels just as good to them but you're instantly 25%-60% more profitable on that group
  • This offer is limited to 50 practices or until Feb 1, 2023



Pay As You Grow!
  • All Starter plan benefits

  • Up to 100 Paid Memberships
  • $1 per paid member per month after first 100

  • Unlimited Paid Memberships with maximum billing of $280 per month. (Our average client has 620 members and we have many with 1000+ paid memberships)
  • This plan pays for itself as you grow with built in ROI and KPI data to support success. 

Both plans include

Hard to limit this to features but here we go

  • Rethink 2.0 software

    The newest platform and technology by Rethink Veterinary Solutions.

  • 100% Tech Support

    We do all the work for you. We setup your plans, setup payment gateways, build your mobile optimized client sign up links and more.

  • Marketing Material Support

    We have proven templates to help clients become aware of your new offers while in the practice or on social media.

  • Ongoing Consulting

    We keep you in the loop with the latest best practices, case studies and more. We work together with our practices to maximize the program.

  • In App Offers

    You will be able to sell packages with the click of a button if you wanted to and make money while your sleeping!

  • Cause Marketing Module

    If you have your own charity, we can show you how to implement cause marketing and donate a percentage of member spending to the cause.

Not Convinced?

Check out our Blog

The Blog is a great place to discover more!

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive 

Aren't rewards the same as discounting?

No! Rewards are earned after clients pay full price AND you NEVER have 100% redemption.  The net cost is Much Lower. Discounts are an immediate loss of top line revenue and has much lower VALUE perception in the clients mind. Memberships and Rewards are associated with all good vibes. 

Discounts are desperate!

We already failed with Wellness Plans, how is this different?

Failing at Wellness plans the old way is the norm not the exception. Our entire program was designed to solve the "wellness plans are hard to administer" problem. A demo will clear this up for you so let's chat. 

Does your program integrate with our practice software?

Yes, Rethink 2.0 is compatible and easy to run with all Veterinary Practice Software

Do you travel to help us go live with the system?

If you are in North or South Carolina it's possible. But we launch practices all over the country remotely. Once you see a demo you will see how easy it is to use the Rethink 2.0 system. 

How long does it take to get started?

Once we receive your logo and we settle on the exact memberships details, we typically take practices live the same date as their next team meeting. We schedule 15 minutes of training for as much of the team as we can get there, and 15 more minutes with your primary receptionists following your meeting. You'll have new members that evening!

What if the program doesn't go as planned and we want to cancel?

Our plans are easy. Month to month and you can cancel anytime. If for any reason you want to stop the program you can export member data and balances and cancel the program with a 30 notice.