Does this program work best with certain sized practices?

No. The program is running successfully by practices of all sizes. However, the average is typically 2-5 DVM’s. The key to success is a management team that believes in the program, a front desk that is fully “bought in”, and a great launch process so everyone in the practice is on the same page. That’s our job and we’re very good at it. We essentially launch the program with/for you and you will spend very little time having to prep before “launch day”.

Does this work with “Our” practice management system?

Yes. We can run the membership program very simply with any practice management system with the simple implementation of a few codes at checkout. Super simple

Is the program possible with curbside checkout?

Yes. When presenting the invoice or services recommended, you ask the client if they are a member and if they plan on using any of their rewards today. Simple as that. With the mobile interface the client has the balance right on their phone and can decide to apply rewards toward the invoice or save them. The good news is clients LOVE to save rewards. And the larger their reward balance grows, the stickier their financial connection to the practice.

We’re so busy right now, should we just wait till the covid factor is behind us?

Probably not! It seems easier than ever for a client to justify going to a competing practice when practices are booked out. They’ll book the earliest appointment. With a membership and reward balance, it makes that decision harder for them. When you have $20 or $30 in real value towards patient care, it’s easier to wait that extra day or two and go to practice where you are a member verses getting an appointment a day or two sooner at the practice down the street.